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How to prepare your car for sale

Maximising your car’s value

With newer or even more costly cars, repairing bodywork damage can definitely add value when you are selling on.

By having an older vehicle, however, you will possibly not recover the expense involved.

Whether exactly the same thing independently, part-exchanging in a dealer or auctioning your vehicle, you are aiming to increase its value.

To do this, you have to help make your vehicle as attractive as you possibly can to buyers while minimising any flaws they are able to use they are driving the cost lower.

With somewhat effort, you are able to provide your vehicle the additional buyer-appeal, attracting the perfect cost.

Deep clean your vehicle

An aura freshener will make the inside of the vehicle smell more desirable.

Should you not have time to wash yourself to it, purchase a full vehicle valet service.

Clean your vehicle completely inside and outside - a clear vehicle helps make the buyer believe the vehicle continues to be cared for and valued. Should you spend three hrs cleaning your vehicle which adds £100 to the value, you’ll have earned yourself £33 an hour or so for that work.

Look into the essentials

Make certain the tyres are properly inflated.

Look into the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels.

Look into the fundamental electrics. For example, are the lamps working?

Make certain there's an extra steering wheel and contains the minimum legal tread depth of just one.6mm across its width. This may be easily completed with a 20p gold coin - discover the shocking truth on the very first time Driver websiteopens in new window.

Minor repairs make an impact

An inexpensive new group of vehicle mats might help smarten up a mature vehicle.

It could also be useful repairing any harm to alloy wheels.

Consider touching up chips and scratches - either professionally or yourself if you have the know-how.

Small windshield chips usually can be repaired beneath your vehicle insurance free of charge, with no impact on your no-claims discount.

Adding extra value

A complete service history shows a purchaser your vehicle continues to be well-maintained, so it’s really worth digging out all individuals old receipts.

In case your vehicle is on its way because of its MOT, you will want a replacement now. A brand new 12-month MOT certificate is of interest to buyers.