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Aston Martin extreme Vantage GT8

Aston Martin has adopted up the development of its track-focused Vantage GT12 with a brand new hardcore form of its V8-powered brother or sister.

The Vantage GT8 continues to be spun by the special projects and motorsport division, taking inspiration in the company's racing experience.

Image Text Based on Auto Express, Aston's Vantage GTE racer stands because the new car's competitive soulmate, with GT8 focussing heavily on the rules of aerodynamics and weight-saving measures, creating "the lightest and many effective form of the V8 Vantage that Aston has ever created".

Sitting underneath the bonnet is really a 4.7-litre, naturally aspirated V8 creating 440bhp and 361lb-foot torque, powering the trunk wheels most likely through a seven-speed automated manual gear box or "enjoyably", based on Evo, an easy six-speed stick shift. It may do -62mph in 4.4secs, having a top speed of 190mph.

Keeping everything as light as you possibly can is really a raft of graphite sections and attachments. The leading splitter, bumpers, sills and rear diffuser are produced from the fabric, much like the bucket seats and inside door sections. As a result, the GT8 weighs in at in at 3,328lbs - 121lbs lighter than its V12-powered brother along with a full 220lbs best than the usual normal V8 Vantage S.

Further weight-saving measures are optional, like a graphite roof, polycarbonate rear screen along with a centrally mounted titanium exhaust system. Aerodynamic gains could be specced, too: the not compulsory Aero Pack provides the GT8 much more track-day-based gubbins by means of a bigger rear wing, in addition to additional winglet elements around the front splitter.

Three colour schemes is going to be available - a gray and blue livery alongside a white-colored and eco-friendly vehicle, while Aston revealed the GT8 in Stirling eco-friendly and lime plan, a nod with a of their track brothers and sisters. Will still be greatly a road functional vehicle, though. Inside there's ac as well as an infotainment system, in addition to a sitting-nav as standard.

Only 150 good examples from the GT8 is going to be built, with lots of them already grabbed up by coming back Aston clients paying £165,000 each. It is the first special-edition vehicle launched through the firm this season, with another limited-run Aston - stored firmly under systems for the time being - due over time.